hey, i'm niki!


I'm a family and lifestyle newborn photographer based in Baltimore, MD. My sweet husband - the bearded babe in the photo - and I are first time parents. It's the wildest, hardest, most rewarding journey of our lives! 

Given my new role as mama, spending time with our baby girl takes a lot of my time and focus lately. I've learned motherhood is an ever evolving dance and as soon as you think you've "figured it out," it all changes.

So, why families? Bcause my family is so deeply a part of myself and my story! Working with families in a way that only grows exponentially in value over time is my jam. 

While I'm not the right photographer for everyone, if connected, emotive family portraits is your thing, I'm your girl. If you like warm, hazy sunsets while loving on your family, I'm your photographer.

01. plants

32 plants and counting!

these are a few of my favorite things...

Four Things to Know About Me Before Reaching Out


When you combine my years of experience as a nanny and a pre-k/k teacher, we're talking like, 20 years. Translation: I like kids, I get kids. If yours show up a little wild or shy, it's all good. Just be ready to love on them the best you know how. I'll handle the rest. 

Is your husband not super thrilled about the idea of a family portrait session? No worries, he's not the first, and he won't be the last. Give him a beer before hand (no, really), and then reassure him, he really doesn't even need to look at me if he doesn't want to!  

I'll probably act a fool during our session. I like to dance (badly, though) and I laugh loudly, and I don't mind getting silly for the benefit and comfort of your babies.  

In all honesty, I'm really not about the whole "everyone look at me and smile!" vibe. Sure, we'll get a few with you looking at the camera because I know grandma eats it up, but... I'm way more interested in you connecting with your family! I want to see you guys laughing and snuggling up and enjoying each other's company.


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