Hey, I'm Niki!

I'm a wife to Andrew and mama to Ruby. I'm a certified special educator and spent 10 years in the classroom before staying home with Ruby. Now I work from home working my business while juggling #momlife. You could say I like a challenge.

I used to pride myself on being a great plant mama, but then I had a human baby and well, most days it's one or the other now. RIP to all the plants motherhood has killed.

I really want to know what my enneagram is, but I've taken the test several times because the results never feel 100% on and my result is different every time soooo...

Instagram is my favorite social media platform.

If we're going to happy hour, I'll have a margarita.

I'm borderline obsessed with thrifting, both in person and virtually. It's like a game that I can't quit.

Memes and emojis are my jam. Insert the shrugging emoji here.

Backstreet Boys will forever be the superior boy band.


Our honeymoon was a five week cross country road trip, camping across the country and I'm constantly wondering when is the right age to do it with a toddler because please, take me back to the PNW!

I want you to know...

Prior to becoming a mom, I was a special ed pre-k teacher! Actually, I still maintain my certification, but I taught special ed for 9 years in variety of settings with lots of different kiddos. When you combine my years of experience as a nanny and teacher, we're talking like, 20 years. Translation: I love kids! I get kids. If yours show up a little wild or shy, it's all good. Just be ready to love on them the best you know how. I'll handle the rest. 

Hot tip: If your husband isn't super thrilled about the idea of a family portrait session he's not the first and I'm not offended. Give him a beer before hand (no, really), and then reassure him, he really doesn't even need to look at me if he doesn't want to!  

I don't mind getting silly for the benefit and comfort of your babies. I'll apologize in advance for the bad dancing and worse singing.

In all honesty, I'm really not about the whole "everyone look at me and smile!" vibe. Sure, we'll get a few with you looking at the camera because I know grandma eats it up, but... I'm way more interested in you connecting with your family! I want to see you guys laughing and snuggling up and enjoying each other's company.