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Maternity and Newborns

Why maternity and newborn portraits?

To put it simply: I think this is an incredibly beautiful, special season of life. I know there are many parts of pregnancy that aren't glamorous and you'd rather forget, but I mean... you're growing a human! There's a little soul making its way Earthside to join your family. How magical. 

Once baby is here... the newborn details are so fleeting. There might be a hundred reasons you could tell yourself to NOT book a newborn session: the state of your house. Feeling self-conscious about your body. Wrangling your toddler and a newborn on little to no sleep sounds daunting. 

I encourage you to do it anyway. Your home is perfect as is, because it's where your life happens. We had moved into our home just two weeks before our daughter was born and our house was nowhere near put together for our session, and yet, that's so far from my mind when I look at our photos! I will offer suggestions to dress your healing body in a way that is both comfortable and stylish (here's looking at you, favorite black leggings!). As for your babies? Just be ready to love on them and savor these sweet, sweet moments. I'll do the wrangling. I'll do the work, gladly. And when you emerge from the sleep-deprived haze of the newborn stage, you'll be so glad you took the time for a portrait session


How it Works

Typically, families opt for outdoor maternity sessions and indoor newborn sessions but we can always mix it up. Please note: I do not offer studio, posed, baby centered newborn portraits. My approach to newborn portraits is family centered. Yes, we'll take photos of baby alone but it will be baby led and more natural.

Outdoor sessions availability is as follows:

  • 30 minute portrait sessions are scheduled on Wednesday or Friday evenings

  • 1 hour portrait sessions are scheduled on Saturday and Sunday evenings


Outdoor sessions begin 1-2 hours before sunset, and I'm kind of a stickler about this. Why? The light. The sunlight in the hour or two just before sunset is very much a part of my style. I know that sometimes that can mean a late start time in the summer months, but if you have littles, I can offer some tried-and-true tips to make a late evening more pleasant for your baby (and you!).

Indoor sessions are usually booked on Saturday or Sunday mornings. 

When you're ready to book, I'll send you a contract and an electronic invoice for your retainer. When I get those back, you're officially booked! You'll get a guide with all my best tips for getting ready. We'll decide location, outfits, and any other important details. Sweet!

Your remaining balance is due three days before your session. I'll send you a reminder via email.

A day or two before our session, I'll touch base to make sure we're all good to go.

Session day! Be ready to have fun and love on your family! Leave the rest to me.

After your session, you'll get your online gallery within three weeks. You can download your images, order prints and share online!

That's it. Pretty easy. 

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