I'm a Maryland based family and newborn photographer.

I'm a wife and girl mama - two babies in two years - doing life in Baltimore, MD. I've been in business for just about five years and this has been an incredibly fun journey!

I believe in family, I believe in the magic of childhood, I believe in the power of a couple who chooses one another each and every day! I love laughing and having fun, and I love watching other people laughing with, loving on, and having fun with their favorite people. I think family portraits are an incredible gift to each family member, a gift that says "you're important, you matter, you belong here."

A lot of life outside of photography revolves around being a mama and figuring out how to blend being me with being Mama! It's an ever evolving dance. I love reading and hiking. I'm a personal development junkie and believe in the power of positivity and gratitude. I believe life is meant to be fun!

 i'm niki!

hey, there!

my vibe

So here's the thing. I'm not a "everyone look at me and smile" photographer. There's nothing wrong with that vibe, it's just not mine. 

But! I am a "everyone snuggle in" and "give mama your best smooch" and "dad, look at anyone but me" photographer. I'm the photographer you call when you want a sun drenched evening spent loving on your family and having fun. 

I don't do super stiff, super posed. I don't do "say cheese."

I do real. I do connection. I do fun. 

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