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2019 in Review

It's not too late for a 2019 in review post, right? Insert the "smiling and sweating" emoji.

2019 brought so much good energy to my little biz! I reconnected with familiar faces who have become friends because they've been around since the beginning. I met families who grew from a twosome to a threesome, navigating the transition to parenthood. I met families in their homes, at some of my favorite parks, and found some fun new locations, too!

I photographed two "100 Day Celebrations," which was fun and fascinating. I've always loved learning about different cultural traditions, so this was the perfect marriage. In some Asian culture, it's common to celebrate when a baby reaches 100 days old. This is because in old times, it wasn't uncommon for babies to pass due to illness and poor living conditions. These sessions were such sweet celebrations of life!

A year in review wrap up post is always the fast track to immense gratitude for me. Thank you for being here, for sharing this space with me, for liking my work, for sharing it with your family and friends.

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