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2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers

The weather here lately has been pretty warm (73 in November?!) and doesn't really give Christmas vibes but... Christmas is coming! I'm excited to share my holiday gift guide for toddlers with you in case you're in need of an idea or two for toddlers.

In our home, we really focus on "something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read." This helps us stay on track with our values as they relate to finances, consumerism, and even home management! I don't know about you, but the management of toys - storage, organization, rotation - really wears on me after a while.

With that idea in mind, and knowing that we're focusing on continuing to increase our outside time, we're looking at rain suits for our girls, a balance bike for our youngest, and a sleeping bag for our big girl, who has fallen in love with camping.

holiday gift guide for toddlers

Note: if you're looking at a membership to a nature center or state park pass, see if they offer any type of reciprocity with other centers/parks! I just learned one of the best nature centers in our area has reciprocity with another great nature center a bit further from us, and that means we can get in for free!

Does your family do stockings? This will be out first year hanging stockings! I finally found some that I love, and I'm excited to add them to our mantle this year. Growing up, my mom always did a mix of practical things (who else has gotten toothpaste in their stocking?!) and fun, and I think that's my plan, too! We got some of our favorite toothpaste coming for stockings, but I also have some fun ideas for open ended play.

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