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3 Must Have Newborn Poses

If you've found yourself in a position of having to postpone a photo session with your new baby, I want to share with you my 3 must have newborn poses. Use whatever camera you have, let in the natural light, and have fun photographing your new baby! Here are three of my favorite ways to photograph a baby!

Chest to chest with mama/daddy

With mamas, I tend to position baby directly chest-to-chest. With dads, I usually try to position baby's butt up against daddy's chest/stomach with baby's back facing down toward daddy's legs, so baby is looking at dad. I like to shoot wide and get the whole scene, and then close in and focus on details. I like snuggling, smooching, and I move around the subject to get more variety.

On mama/daddy's legs

Sometimes I'll set up the parent on the bed, sometimes in a chair, and then have baby laying on the parent's legs. I'll shoot head on and wide to get the whole scene, then a close in crop, and then I'll shoot from the side to capture baby's profile.

Baby on bed

I love the juxtaposition of a tiny baby in a big bed! I like to shoot wide to get the whole bed in and then close in to focus on baby/details.

BONUS TIP: A whole shot of the family can be challenging, but I encourage you to try anyway! Whoever is holding baby should get into position with baby. Whoever doesn't have baby (and is also maybe wrangling a toddler), should set up the camera and timer, wait for baby/parent couplet to be situated, and then click the shutter and get in the frame. It might be tricky and you might have to try more than once, but do it! It doesn't matter if it's perfect, it matters that you've photographed your whole family.

Have fun, experiment, don't be afraid to try more than once! The beauty of digital photography and doing this on your time at your home is you can try again if it doesn't work out the first time.

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