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Annapolis Portrait Photographer | Jordyn


Last year I took a workshop that focused on "headshots," but I use that term loosely because this approach is much more laid back and low key. That work inspired me to start exploring women's portraits, both through self portraits and photographing other women. It's something I think is important, and I really enjoy it. It isn't really in the forefront of my business, but it's something I do, totally for me (and obviously the women I photograph).


I think it's really important for women to show up, to be seen, to be photographed. It's a weirdly empowering thing to let someone in and capture the essence of you. I'm really uncomfortable when being photographed, whether by myself or another photographer, but it's something I'm working on. I do the uncomfortable thing because I want to be seen, and to show other women, you deserve to be seen, too. Just as you are, regardless of whatever imperfections you think you have. You are worthy.


Plus, I love when I find old photographs of the woman in my life, photographs of their lives before marriage and parenthood and All the Adult Things. It's just a nice reminder that these women are just humans like me, doing the best they can.


So, my cousin humored me one beautiful spring evening. Seriously, we got lucky with an evening of sunshine, sandwiched between what felt like weeks of rain. It was the stuff dreams are made of!





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