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Baltimore 1st Birthday Photographer || Lily

This first birthday party was such a fun celebration for the sweetest baby girl! The decor, the activities for kids, the cake! Melissa thought of every detail.

I like first birthdays for a couple of reasons. For starters, a first birthday is a big milestone! Think of all your baby has learned in the last 12 months. And think of all you've learned in the last 12 months, too! As a new parent, I can think of no greater transformation in life than becoming a parent. How many times in the last year did you frantically consult Google about something baby related in the middle of the night? Yeah, me, too.

I also like first birthdays because it's fun to see my client's "people" gather together. For a family photographer, this is rare! It's usually just the immediate family, ya know?

Lily's first birthday was lots of fun. Here are some of my favorites from her party!

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