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Baltimore Motherhood Photography

Lately I've been *really* nerding out over motherhood sessions. I'm not sure why, but photographing mamas with their babies is what I've been drawn to recently. I think it's the little things that really get me - the way a mom brushes the hair out of her baby's eyes, or the way her toddler can bring out her real smile, her real laugh. The way toddlers run their fingers through mommy's hair. It's those things that are so unique to raising small kiddos that just squeeze my heart a little.

When I put out feelers for this kind of session, my best friend Jen was one of the first to volunteer. I was really excited to do this session with her, because Jen is one of my biggest cheerleaders. We're in really different seasons of life - she raising two babies and I'm building two businesses. We don't see each other nearly as often as we did before babies and husbands and careers but I know she's always in my corner. She's always cheering me on. To be able to photograph her and her two babies at this stage was really sweet for me and feels like just one small way to say "thank you for always having my back."













If you'd like to think about a motherhood session for you or a mama close to your heart, I'd love to chat! Get in touch on the contact page to start a conversation!

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