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Chesapeake birth and baby mother's day picnic


As I got in my car, the dark grey clouds overhead looked kind of aggressive. Unsure if the weather would hold, given the week's worth of monsoon-grade rain we had, I started making my way down 95. Just before the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel, the sky ripped open and big fat rain drops hit my windshield.

I remember thinking, this will make for an adventurous Mother's Day picnic!

Thankfully, as I merged onto 97, I noticed the clouds looked less threatening, and I eventually drove out of the rain. When I got to the beach in Arnold, the clouds were even starting to dissipate!


Megan and Danielle of Chesapeake Birth and Baby hosted a sweet Mother's Day picnic for local mamas and their families, and they invited me to join. I love what Megan and Danielle are building - a supportive, down to Earth community for women in various points in their childbearing journey.


The picnic couldn't have been better, except for maybe if I'd listened to Danielle to put on sunscreen... I loved being able to show up and support two incredible women who are supporting other woman in our community. The was no shortage of adorable babies, and it was nice to put names/actual people to Instagram handles, because now I can comment on their photos without feeling like a total creep, like "I LIKE YOUR BABY'S CUTE FACE."


Many thanks to Megan and Danielle for hosting the perfect picnic, and thank you, thank you to all the families who came to hang with us for a little bit!








Know an expecting mama? Reach out to Megan and Danielle at Chesapeake Birth and Baby. They'll take care of you!

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