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four Tips for Styling Your Family for Photos

Ah, the age old question: what should we wear? Let’s be honest. Selecting outfits for your family can be a source of stress, I know, but it doesn’t have to be! I love helping clients find the perfect outfits that show off personalities while still photographing beautifully. Here are four tips for styling your family for photos!

Start with a piece or outfit you really love! Did you recently pick up a dress you feel amazing in? Does your baby boy have a sweet little bow tie/suspender combo you’re obsessed with? Let’s start there, and build the remaining outfits around the piece you love.

Compliment. Don’t match.

Wearing the same outfits looks a bit awkward and dated. Instead, complimentary colors and textures is what really brings a wardrobe together to create a cohesive look. I usually choose one or two main colors, and then work in neutrals. Different textures, materials, and patterns also add lots of visual interest.

Dress head to toeShoes are just as important as your clothes! Instead of slapping on character shoes, Crocs, or your son’s every day Nikes, opt for classics. Converse, Toms, Mary Janes, Sperrys, boots, or even barefeet, weather and location permitting, are all timeless options.

Layer, layer, layer.

Layers add dimension and depth to your outfits. In the summer? Layer your dress with a lightweight cardigan or kimono, belt, or pendant necklace. In the fall? Cardigans and chunky sweaters, belts, tights, leg warmers, blazers, suspenders, boots. The possibilities are endless!

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