Gunpowder Falls State Park family session || the M Family

It was at the end of our session when this daddy sighed and said, "Well, I hope you got something good." His comment was a reminder to me that yes, the wild and energetic nature of toddlers during a session is very, very normal me, but it's not normal to parents.

If your babies are naturally full of energy and constantly on the go, guess what?

They're gonna show up in exactly that same way for our session!

And you know? It's okay. I expect it. I'm used to it, it's very normal to me. And lucky for you, I like toddlers! I love that lively, can't-tell-me-what-to-do spunk.

So I promise, if you just show up, ready to love on them the best way you know how, we'll get something good. We'll get something great and real and reflective of your family. Love them and leave the rest to me.



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