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How to Edit Photos on Your Smart Phone

When it comes to editing photos on your smart phone, the choices among apps are limitless. I don't know about you, but when I have too many choices, I succumb to analysis paralysis and typically just don't choose anything. Anyone else?

Today I'm sharing how to edit photos on your smart phone using my three favorite apps. I'll preface this by saying I'm probably not the most savvy or up-to-date on app trends, because I'm kind of a "don't fix it if it ain't broken" kinda gal. I take photos following basic good photography principles, which makes editing a bit easier, so I don't typically have to do a ton to my photos.

I use three apps: Retouch, PicTapGo, and Lightroom Mobile.

Retouch - this is the app I use when I have an object I need to remove. When I say "remove an object," I don't mean like, an entire car in the foreground next to you. I mean... maybe you took a shot of your shoes on the ground but didn't notice a random piece of trash in the frame (I know that's a random example, but work with me) - you could try to remove it using this app. Maybe you're having a horrible break out and you'd rather not remember the masssssive zit on your face at your friend's wedding, Retouch can usually do the job.

PicTapGo - I feel like Lightroom Mobile is the go to app for photo editing, but if I'm being honest, PicTapGo is the OG for me, I come back to it time and time again. PicTapGo is is $3 and comes with standard filters, and you can buy additional packs. I like PicTapGo because I can control the opacity of the filters - in other words, how heavy or light an effect is.

Lightroom Mobile - This is the (free!) mobile version of the software used by loads of pro photographers! I only recently tried it, and sometimes I love it, sometimes I don't. The reason for this is the presets. A preset is basically pre-set determination of various elements of a photo that you can edit. Sometimes, presets give me that super clean look I want, but sometimes, the color in my photos is way off, regardless of the preset I use. Maybe there's a work around to this, maybe not, but if there is, I haven't figured it out yet. This is why I sometimes prefer PicTapGo - I can adjust the filter. Lightroom allows you to adjust exposure (brightness) and sharpness, though, and those are two features I love!

Like most things with digital photography, don't be afraid to explore and play. See what feels fun and creative and true to your style!

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