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Howard County Family Photographer || The A Family

Four things I loved about this family session:

1 - The grandparents came along! I think it's really sweet when grandparents participate in our session because they are just as much a part of the story as anyone else. Nicholas was especially attached to his grandparents, which made for some really sweet moments.

2 - The boys' personalities were very different! Nathan was all about the camera, but Nicholas couldn't have cared less! It made me laugh.

3 - The dad was 100% in this. He was excited and happy to be there, and even said, "We just like to get as many photos as possible of them at this age because it goes so fast." AMEN!

4 - The boys' obsession with dinosaurs! We looked for dinosaurs and dino eggs, we acted like dinosaurs, and dinosaurs were even used to bribe the kids when they needed a little extra encouragement.

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