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Introducing Fine Art School Portraits

I'm beyond excited to roll out a new branch of Niki Jones Photography: Fine Art School Portraits.

Why fine art school portraits?

Well, because I’ve seen the big chain companies in action. I’ve seen the way they interact (or not) with kiddos, I’ve seen the “say cheese” prompts and the discouragement when a kiddo shows a little personality. I’ve seen the interesting choice in backgrounds, I’ve seen the confusion and back-and-forth with ordering.

And I want to do it differently. I want to do it in a more modern but timeless style, with a personalized approach that embraces all personalities - the loud, the big, the shy, the reserved. I want to simplify the process for school based staff. I want to give parents art.

My family and newborn photography isn't goig anywhere, this is just an addition to the services I offer!

I’m booking schools for spring, summer, and fall! For more information about this new endeavor, click over to here.

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