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It's a Girl!

Last month, Andrew and I finally welcomed our sweet baby girl Earthside. She came after the longest 38 hours of my life, and when Andrew placed her on my chest, I immediately had three thoughts:

1. Holy shit, it's a girl! I definitely thought she was a boy!

2. Wow, she has SO MUCH dark hair!

3. She looks like my little brother, what the hell?!

It's already been a month since that day and it's insane to me how quickly it's gone by. Babies don't keep, y'all. It's been the sweetest, hardest season of life so far, but it's one I'm so, so grateful for. There were many months when I wondered if we'd ever be here, so when it gets hard, I just take a deep breath, and give us both extra love and extra compassion. Being her mama is the greatest gift.

Many thanks to our sweet friends at Thuis Studios for capturing the very beginning (four days in!) of our journey with this sweet girl!

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