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July 2018 Recap

July was soooo good, you guys. Lots of good-for-the-soul stuff. The weather has been pretty mild, all things considered. I love July.

July kicked off in Chicago! Last week on the blog I shared this sweet first birthday session, which was a literal dream come true. We had the cutest AirBnB, vegan food abounded, and although it was hot as all hell when we were there... we had the best long weekend!

July was a nice mix of time off and behind the scenes stuff. Lots of dog snuggles. The last week of July, I "puppy sat" my newest niece Mira. She is just the sweetest little baby. I wasn't entirely sure how Dakota would handle a puppy, but she was a good girl and so gentle with the puppy, even when her sharp puppy teeth dug into Dakota's tail. If you've spent any amount of time with a puppy, you know the special kind of hell their teeth are. Razor sharp.

One of my best girlfriends got married! They lucked out with the most beautiful weather for their wedding. It was so sweet, so fun! We love a good wedding!

On the 27th, my sister had her baby and sweet Gavin joined us Earthside. I tried to get my sister to hold out until the 29th, but no dice. Bummer. ;)

I celebrated my birthday on the 29th. My mama and I had lunch at R. House and a girls' afternoon in Remington, and it was perfect. I adopted the newest member of my plant fam, too. Shocker!

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