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may 2018 recap

I feel like I blinked and May was over, you guys.

Honestly, I feel like a lot of May was just trying to get settled in our new living situation, and Netflix, because rain and avoiding unpacking.

Toward the end of the month, I kinda felt like I was getting my ish together. Andrew and I squeezed in a date night at one of our favorite places in DTA, Vida Taco Bar. The night we went was the first night of watermelon margaritas for the season. I mean, if that's not a sign that we were supposed to be there that night, I don't know what is.


We're trying to get into a groove of life back in Baltimore. We've found we really like exploring Patterson Park when the weather is nice. Crazy to think I'd never *really* explored the park when I lived in Baltimore before moving to Annapolis. I discovered the pond in the middle, which, honestly, looks gross is you look at it up close, but the tall grass and sunset makes for a superb portrait location!



My cousin and I have taken to Wednesday walks, walking different trails local to us. It's been the perfect way to combine nature, movement, and good company... except for the time we encountered a wild turkey, and it startled us so we scared it back (by accident, of course), and its babies scattered and then it was one pissed off mama and she kept coming after us even though we were trying to get away from them. That was legitimately scary for about two minutes!


May was REALLY rainy, and literally every single session I had lined up had to get rescheduled. Once I finally got back out there, it was so good!


And finally, here's one of my girl, just because. She finds joy in the simplest things, and her pure exuberance is a great reminder to always look for the joyful parts of life.

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