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Mt. Airy Family Photographer || The P Family

You know when you meet someone and it's instantly like you've known each other forever?

Mel is that kind of person for me. We met during my first year in a new school system and she quickly became my "person." Good days and hard days, everything in between, she was my go to for laughs and venting and crying.

It's because of the way she loves people, especially her family. She's kind and generous. She is the perfect stepmama to her girl, and I think that really resonates with me because of my own blended family. I know towing the line of being a stepparent can be tricky at times, but the way Mel does it with love and grace and humor is one of the many reasons I love her.

Check out her super cute fam, including their big boy Nash. You know I l-o-v-e pupperonis but this sweet lovable boy reminds me so much of our girl! And yes, he and I had a big old cuddle session after photos.

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