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Southern Maryland Family Photographer

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

I used to teach special pre-k in Southern Maryland. I taught at the same school for three years, and worked with three, four, and five-year-olds of various abilities. Many of my students were on the autism spectrum and many were non-verbal. This sweet boy was one of my babies.

I worked with him and his family for a year, and there were many days when I questioned myself, how effective I was, and if I was really making any difference.

Fast forward about a year later, his mama and I reconnected on Facebook. We exchanged business services (she is the SWEETEST mama and is a LuLaRoe Consultant!), and so earlier this summer, we had a family portrait session.

We were nearly done our session, and then this sweet boy started singing a song I've never heard. It's simple and includes finger play, kind of a riff on "Where is pointer finger," ya know? It goes through "mommy finger" and "daddy finger," and when he sang those parts, he ran to his mama for the mommy finger and then his daddy for the daddy finger. And then out of no where, he runs over to me and sings the "teacher finger" part.

Y'all. I about cried.

Without any prompting, without someone saying anything about me being his teacher, he offered me this little song that let me know, "Hey, yeah, I remember you." Right. in. the. feels, man.

Despite it being a little toasty for our time together, I don't think I could've asked for a sweeter family to spend my evening with. They are everything kind and loving. Thank you so much, B family!

Thinking about a family session this fall? Let's talk!

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