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Three More Tips for Dressing Your Family for Photos

Still not sure what to wear for family portraits? Don't worry, I got ya covered. Today I'm sharing three more tips for styling your family.

Wear clothes that fit well.

Whether you’re shopping in your current closet or purchasing new outfits for your session, be sure that everyone is wearing clothes that fit well. Clothes that are too small can be uncomfortable and unflattering. Clothes that are too big with “room to grow” for kiddos can look bulky and sloppy.

Colors matter.If you think you’d like to shoot in a grassy or wooded location, avoid green as a main colorr. You’ll blend into the scenery, and you deserve to stand out! If you like bold colors, opt for primary colors like a sunshiny yellow, a rich red, or vibrant blue. Avoid neons or flourescent colors, as they can cast harsh colors on your skin that are difficult to edit out in post processing.

Dress for the weather and be flexible. If you’ve lived in Maryland for any length of time, you know that it can be 45° and cloudy one day, 75° and sunny the next. Be flexible with wardrobe in case you have to switch it up at the last minute. I can’t stress this enough: Dress appropriately for the weather that day, even if it isn’t what you originally planned. If you have plans for a cute sundress for your daughter but the weather ends up being 20 degrees cooler than we anticipated, mix it up by adding some layers for warmth and comfort. Tights, boots, scarf, slouchy hat. Comfortable kiddos are happy kiddos, and happy kiddos will be more cooperative and enjoy this experience more, resulting in beautiful portraits you will love!

Want more of my best tips and tricks for getting photo session ready? Check out the "client resources" tag!

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