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Three Reminders For Your Family Photo Session

Today on the blog, I want to share with ya three reminders for your family photo session! By now, I've shared lots of resources about prepping for your session, including tips for kids, tips for husbands, styling ideas, and more, so hopefully you're feeling well prepared and ready for a fun evening with your family. Just in case, here are a few more tips!

1. Be flexible with your wardrobe. If you've lived in Maryland for any length of time, you know the weather can be cray-cray. If the weather the day of our session is drastically different than what we anticipated, please adjust outfits accordingly. Too hot or too cold is never conducive to fun, comfortable hanging with the fam.

2. Plan for a low key day the day of your session. Our goal for our time together is fun, relaxed, easy going, so avoid scheduling anything else on that day to prevent any frantic running around or "oh, my god I hit the worst traffic on 695/95/97/any highway in Maryland."

3. Comfort is key, for everyone. Regardless of your child(ren)’s age, I take my time and do my best to let your kids to feel comfortable with me. If they are giving me that big ole, fake "LOOK AT ALL MY TEETH" smile, don't worry. Don't feel like you need to coach your kiddos over my shoulder, I can tell when it’s a real smile. If I’m snapping away, just know I’m trying to loosen up your babies! Again, comfort is key!

Want to check out other posts with helpful tips? Scroll through the "client resources" tag, I got ya covered.

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