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Three Tips for Getting Your Kids Ready for Your Session

So, you booked your session, you picked out your clothing, and our session is almost here, but... you're feeling nervous. You're not sure how your kiddos will behave. Will they cooperate?

Don't worry! I want you to keep in mind two super important facts:

1. I have nearly two decades worth of experience working with kids of all ages, all abilities, personality types. I get kids, and I can handle whatever they bring to the session!

2. This might feel unfamiliar to you, but it's not my first rodeo. I'm used to the "you're new to me and so I'm going to act extra silly because I'm not sure about you yet." I'm also used to the "I have no idea who you are so I'm going to go mute and hope that makes you go away." So if your kiddo clams up, again, don't worry.

But before we even get there, I want to give you three tips to help get everyone excited about having photos taken. I want this to be a fun, enjoyable evening with your family.

1. Talk about it with your kids! Talk it up, make it sound fun, let them know how excited you are about this. If your kids are old enough, show them some of my work from previous sessions to show them that this WILL be fun - we'll run, and play, and dance. All good stuff.

2. Don't skip nap! Sometimes, depending on when we plan to start, you may need to push back nap a bit, but don't skip it entirely. Kiddos who show up tired and grumpy aren't gonna be super excited for a stranger chasing them, I guarantee ya.

3. Bribery. For real. Entice cooperation with the promise of an ice cream date after the session. If you think your kids need a more immediate "reward" (read: bribe), bring a favorite snack with you! Please keep it in the car instead of bringing it along with us to reduce distraction and/or messes while we're still shooting.

Want more tips and helpful info for your upcoming session? Be sure to check out the "client resources" tag!

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