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Two Tips for Your Husband for Your Photo Session

Alright, today I have two tips for your husband for your photo session! I'll say that 85% of the daddies I work with aren't super thrilled about the idea of a photo session, and I get it. This isn't everyone's jam. Guys don't want to look silly. Maybe they've had a bad previous experience.

So, what can you share with your husband to get him a little more comfortable?

1. Let your husband know that the shoot will be relatively painless, I promise! I won't guide you guys into awkward interactions, I won't ask him to look at me and smile. In fact, I prefer he look at anyone other than me. His only real job will be to have fun with you and your babies.

2. Make sure he's comfortable in whatever he's wearing! If he doesn't feel like himself in his outfit, it'll show in the photos.

Want one more tip, off the record? Give him a beer before the session. No, really. I've had some dads who feel just a smidge more comfortable during our session after a beer, and that's totally cool with me. Keep in mind I'm talking literally a beer! ;)

Looking for more tips to get ready for your photo session? Check out the "client resources" tag, there are several helpful posts!

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