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We're Expecting

Well, hey. It's been a minute, eh? I promise - it's for good reason.

In case you didn't catch the news on my Instagram: we're expecting a baby this spring!

There aren't really words to describe to joy, excitement, and gratitude surrounding this pregnancy and baby. It was a long road to get here! Struggling to get pregnant, a miscarriage, and more struggles to get pregnant again. It nearly broke me, to be honest. I spent much of last year after miscarrying tracking, calculating, obsessing over dates and ovulation and testing. It was all consuming.

I remember crying in a public bathroom in September when my period showed up. Like, lost it. And then in a moment of complete surrender - because I couldn't really continue to obsess the way I had been - I remember thinking, "I give up. I can't do this anymore, I'm making myself crazy."

I don't know how or why I needed to go through that, maybe to experience a new level of ultimate surrender... but once I truly gave up trying to control everything... I got pregnant the very next cycle. I still remember taking a pregnancy test on a whim at about 5AM on a Monday. The disbelief when it was so faintly positive was palpable. I think I scared the shit out of Andrew when I woke him up - I'm not a morning person and the level of excitement in the pre-dawn hours was totally out of character.

We're about 80 days out from my due date. It's wild how time can pass so seemingly slow and yet fly by, especially during this pregnancy.

My plan right now is to take maternity leave from June - August. My last session before baby will be June 2nd. I don't plan to shoot this summer, though I'll check in via email and social media. I'll resume sessions starting September 1, just in time for fall sessions.

So that's our super fun news, and my plan as we make this transition to parenthood. I'm wildly excited.

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