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Welcome to the new website!

You guys. I'm SO excited to roll out my new site!

Hiiiii! I’m so excited to share my new website with you guys! As a creative business owner, I’ve learned that like in nature, there are seasons and cycles in business. By the end of 2017, I knew I had reached a point where my old website was no longer serving me. I really wanted to create a website that embodies my personality and where my style/approach to photography has evolved to. This past winter, the Niki Jones Photography website underwent a total overhaul and it’s finally live!

On the pages of this site, you’ll see examples of my work and learn a little bit about me outside of photography. What I really hope you get out of the new site, though, is a sense of my approach to photographer. I want you to see who I am, what sets my creative heart on fire, and I want you to immediately know if I’m the right fit for you or not (because I know I’m not the right fit for everyone, and that’s okay!).

If you enjoy the new site, I’d love for you to share it with someone you know who might also enjoy it! You can pin it, Facebook share it, or email it to someone, just saying, “Hey! A photographer I know just launched her new site and I think you might like her style, too!”

That’s it, really. Short and sweet. Thanks for being here.

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