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Why you should consider a maternity session...

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

The job of growing a sweet babe is a massive undertaking whether it’s your first baby or second or third. I know there’s a lot to do, and a lot to prepare, and I remember how quickly my pregnancy with Ruby seemed to fly by!

Maybe a maternity session is something you know you want to do. Sweet, let’s chat!

Or maybe, a maternity session feels like one more thing on a long to do list. If this is you, hear me out.

Consider scheduling a maternity session because truly, I think there’s nothing more miraculous than bringing new life to Earth. When you really consider all that your body does to nurture your baby on the inside, bring it Earthside, and then nourish it on the outside? It. is. incredible. Celebrate this brief time in history when you and your baby occupy the same physical space, because one day you’ll find yourself with a chubby cheeked baby sprawl across your lap and you’ll marvel at the fact that you grew this!

A maternity session could also be a fun opportunity to get a little dressed up, spend time connecting with your partner, and enjoy a date night afterward. Who would say no to a little fancy pants date night?

And truly, no two pregnancies are the same. Whether it’s the physical aspect of pregnancy and its symptoms, or the dynamic within your family, each pregnancy is unique and worthy of being documented!

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