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Rockville Preschool Photographer

This fall I had the joy of photographing the sweetest group of kiddos at a small co-op at a Rockville preschool. We originally planned to photograph their students inside because it was late October and we thought it might be too chilly for outdoors, but we were pleasantly surprised with a warmer-than-usual morning. I'm so glad! Their co-op has a a huge play area with a wooded edge along the eastern border, which meant we got the most beautiful golden backdrop to shoot against that morning. These kiddos were sweet and silly. People still ask me if I miss being a pre-k teacher, and the truth is... I only miss working with students. Getting to work with kids again, in this capacity, is so much fun for me.

If you'd like to learn more about school portraits, check out this page with all the details!

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